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Application Development and integration

Our development and integration team is specialized in designing, building and supporting custom and off-the-shelf business applications.

Relying on Infynia-Consulting for your internet, intranet and extranet initiatives, gives you the opportunity to successfully bring your vision and objectives to reality at a reasonable cost.

Your Needs

Are you facing any of the following challenges?

  • You need to integrate heterogeneous applications using Web services or other integration techniques.
  • You need to cut operations’ costs or build a custom application to automate manual processes.
  • You need to reduce the maintenance costs of your legacy applications by migrating them to modern platforms.
  • You need an extranet to facilitate and automate your transactions with your customers and/or suppliers.
  • You need to optimize your employees’ efficiency using collaborative solutions and intranets (ex: Sharepoint).
  • You need a data warehouse to get a global, fast and accurate view of your strategic information and KPIs.

Our Solution

At Infynia-Consulting we are not a “Java shop” or a “.NET shop”. We listen to our clients, we understand their challenges, requirements and constraints and then we recommend the right solution to fulfill their needs. In this context our team is able to design, implement and support state-of-the-art, scalable and user-friendly applications, based on the appropriate technology.

In addition, we always try to capitalize on existing assets and reuse existing components to avoid recreating the wheel and to reduce risks and development costs.

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